RE: Hello Again WORLD…

Hello World…

Welcome to Letters2thedead blog.  I am a writer, at least in my head I am.  I have all sorts of things to say, but no one to tell all of the all sorts of things I have to say to (can anyone say a punctuation nightmare!).  So I’ve decided to start this blog, a blog where I write Letters2TheDead…some of the dead I will write to over the weeks will be people from my own life, then there will be those that I’ve never met, but have plenty to say to.  You see, when you read this blog (if you read this blog), think of it as a “voice-over” of sorts…it is me talking to the dead…or maybe I’m talking to you, or maybe I’m just talking to myself, nonetheless, I can promise you a very interesting, entertaining blog full of wit, dry humor (which I am famous for among those who know me), and most importantly truth…the truth of how I feel and the truth about what I want to say.  You see, most of my life was spent biting my tongue.  Much of my life has been about limits and “you can’t” and complete and total holding back of many, many words and feelings.  So, today…today I set all of the limits free.  Today…I cross the lines that have always been drawn for me not to cross.  Today I speak without fear of lash-back for what I have to say or dream or want or need or….well, you get the picture.  The gloves are off….the game is on….it’s my turn to talk….to the dead.  And do you know what the best thing about talking to the dead is (will be)….they can’t talk back!



About letters2thedead

An aspiring writer/actress, former Nurse and Teacher, full of dry comedic humor and love for humanity. This is my test...

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