About The Author

I am just another writer, well, in my mind I am.  I have had a crazy, roller coaster, up and down life, that gives me all of my inspiration to write.  I have been an RN, Teacher, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Actress/Stand-In, Photo Double, Extra…and the list goes on.  I’ve been criticized, attacked, abused and loved.  Most interesting, I am just a normal gal, plain, not very exciting, but the things that go through my head, the thoughts that make me who I am… are pretty close to crazy!  Oh, the life I would live, if only to live out my actual thoughts and dreams.  So it is here, in my Letter’s 2 The Dead writings, that I will live out these things.  I will laugh, cry, yell, cuss, scream, accuse, forgive and hopefully be forgiven.  Out of the millions of blogs, I am only one voice, but these are my stories….

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