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Breaking On The Break

Short break…well, sort of a long break, in my blog.  Why?  So many reasons, but the main one is called surgery.  Yes, surgery…it sucks, actually, truth be known, the surgery part is the easy part, I slept right through that, it’s been the recovery that sucks.

For example…cancer is ugly, it causes ugly things to happen to you…physically, mentally, emotionally…and you would think that being in health care it would be easier to deal with, but it’s not.  Actually, it’s just the opposite…it’s worse…way, way, way worse.  When you work or have worked in medicine you have the tendency to self-diagnose, over-think and think of the worst possible scenarios first, but for some reason you only think that way when it’s you!  When we are treating patients…strangers…it’s easy to tell them the “likely” process of a disease or diagnosis in the most positive way, but when it’s’re not nearly as kind.  In fact, your down right hardcore on yourself, which is precisely what has happened in my case.  No matter who it is, yourself or your own family, these things are harder to deal with because, as I’ve already said above, you look at things differently when it applies to you.

So I will write…and write…and write to deal with this particular “season” of my life.  So…let no door be unopened and let no page be left unturned..that’s my approach.  So get ready for some good stuff…some really good, deep, crazy, funny, sad, awesome stuff!  It’s coming soon….very soon.

Thanks for reading….Breathe.